Why Am I Doing This? (The Spirit's Desire)

A couple of mornings ago my husband Zeus and I were talking about why we are doing what we do. Many people ask me this because I have chosen to make my website free to the public, meaning it’s not just for economic gain. So I explained the following:

profile-reginaMy desire is that people begin to see behind the manipulation of their reality and make decisions in a more sovereign way. Once we can see our own truth clearly, it will require that each of us look at the way we have been living our lives. Is our life sustainable? Is it vital? Does it contribute to refinement and elevation? This living truth can involve our economic lives, emotional lives, dharma, relationships, family affairs and spiritual lives. It’s my goal to help people liberate themselves from conditions and mindsets that no longer serve us and, at the same time, gather sustainable and beautiful options for living, even if it means we have to rearrange our lives.

Life is meant to be lived by the great virtues of truth, love and beauty. If we are exhausted from living a lie and being lied to and treated disrespectfully by nearly all of the world’s institutions, then it’s time to unplug from a matrix that demands obedience but provides nothing of value.

I want to help people have the courage to unplug. If this means rejecting non-organic foods, digging our fingers into the soil to grow a garden, being open to a different story of who we are, where we came from and where we are going, learning to heal our emotions through playing music, lifting our consciousness through using nature’s bounty of beauty, color and scent, or taking time to dive deep within – then that is what I would like to help facilitate through my website reginameredith.com.

After I shared this clear vision with Zeus, he said maybe it’s time to share that clarity with my audience. This vision is encapsulated by the introduction to my videos: Sovereign Mind… Open Heart… Engage with Possibility.

Thank you for sharing this vision and thank you for having the generosity of spirit to support it through your sponsorship, or by using some of my favorite products, for which I am paid a small commission. These are listed under Conscious Partners. ❤️