Accidentally On Purpose: Tripping Through Life with Regina Now Available on Amazon!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an entertaining and illuminating guide to living life out loud? Accidentally on Purpose: Tripping Through Life with Regina is a rollicking, true-life travel guide into how outrageous twists and serendipitous turns can become blessings and give life purpose, dimension, and joy. From ridiculous depths to surprising heights and everywhere in between, Regina Meredith takes the reader on a carpet ride of the improbable, where dreams abound and realities intrude to weave a life story that is compelling, informative, and inspirational. Regina’s life as one of the world’s first women in television sports coverage with NBC, as an award winning documentary producer, as host of PBS’s Regina’s Vegetarian Table and as a pioneer in the field of conscious media, the reader can see reflections of their own undreamed possibilities and ready themselves to take their own leaps of faith. From the calamitous to the brilliant to the downright quirky, from belly laughs to heartfelt tears, this is a story for anyone willing to follow the breadcrumbs laid by their spirit!

Reviews from Readers…

“I joyously recommend this autobiography as a delightful way to plant a seed of thought into the possibility of our true origins, and to enjoy her life’s journey along the way!”

“If you admire Regina now, discovering her life story will make your respect soar to new heights.”

“If you’ve enjoyed her video shows (of which there are many) it a real treat to see the woman behind the camera. It a plain and simple telling of an incredible life and in many ways a invitation to get out and live a little in an expanded, open-minded way.”

“Regina’s life story is fascinating -I couldn’t put the book down. It’s not easy to live a life with such integrity but clearly she had help from other realms.”

“I couldn’t put her book down, but when I did I was anxious to get back to reading more of her story. She is inspiring and so very down to earth and kind in person.”