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Always Choose Love!

My friend Mitra, died on Sunday – Easter, April Fool’s Day and the day of the Blue Moon. A perfect exit!
Before he died, he was drifting in and out of consciousness for the last weeks. Mostly out. I have found that this is a time when a soul is easy to contact.

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Believe In Your Vision!

This little video about the history of Star Wars, based on a statement from George Lucas, touched my heart to the point of tears. I speak about this concept in my recent video podcast (But What Do I Say “YES” To?), on living from a place of intrinsic passion, but there is nothing like a first hand account of following your vision against all odds!

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Why Gratitude Works!

We all struggle to tap into our Higher Mind for guidance, because life often seems to block out our clarity. But, this morning a powerful insight struck me – that Gratitude (with a capital G!) is an opening to connection with our own inner wisdom, clarity, and inspiration, with no real effort. Here’s how the insight developed.

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“Simplify, simplify…”

These famous words by Henry David Thoreau are finally taking on significance across a wide arc of society. Millennials are among the early adopters of this movement toward simplicity, having been forced into the position as a result of student debt, rising costs of housing and a growing list of challenges along with the increasing heart-felt desire to live life.

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