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To help financially support, I will periodically publish information about products and services that I personally use and love. I want to be fully transparent about the fact that I get paid commissions for purchases made through the links that follow on this page. In most – if not all cases – I know the owners personally and consider them like-minded souls. Thank you for your support!


As many of you already know, FLFE – a technology that lifts the levels of consciousness of your space – has turned into a phenomena among those in the conscious community.

I learned of what we endearingly call “Fluffy” from an old friend and co-creator, Clayten Stedmann. I was familiar with Clayten’s devoted work in the field of calibrating consciousness via David Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. So, when he told me he had a new business partner and they were doing something revolutionary based on lifting consciousness, I listened.

After hearing about the technology I said, “I want to try it on someone who is no longer functioning well in this world.” I divined the agreement from her soul so I could help her because I did not want her to know as it could skew the outcome. Clayten and Jeff Stegman, his business partner and co-founder of FLFE, turned on Fluffy, beamed at her home address.

She woke up from her life draining condition at a shocking rate. At 80 years old she was barely getting out of bed, her mind wasn’t working and her body was very weak. She slept in a room that had smart meters for the apartment complex on the other side of the wall.

I told her what we had done at the end of 30 days, (at which time she was moving furniture around her apartment!) and she was so thankful she wrote a testimonial and I decided to interview them.

As a Disclaimer: It is never fair to assume everyone will have the same response to any energetic influence, but the overwhelming percent of friends and family who tried it felt the clarity, as did my husband Zeus and I. One friend, however, was totally jacked up energetically for 2 days, climbing out of his skin, turned it off for a couple of days, then back on, and he’s cruising along just fine now. We’re all different.

Because Fluffy offers a 2 week free trial period, you can experiment and see how it does with your energetic field. If you like it, it’s good to know that Clayten and Jeff give one free subscription, to be given to whomever you want, for every one that is purchased in their Pay if Forward pledge. If you want to check it out, click on the link below.

When using the button below, will get a small commission for any purchase you make. Thank you.

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