One beautiful outcome of COVID-19 has been to make us take better notice of our lungs and how foundational they are, and will be, to the quality of our lives. AFter hearing some gruesome stories of how ventilators have failed to save lives, we started looking deeper. We have also read that strengthening our own lungs is the best protection for any future flus and pandemics. A turning point for many of us came when an English doctor aboard the Diamond Princess became ill and refused the ventilator stating if he went on he knew he would never come off. (

With this in mind I invited an RM favorite, Bill McKenna, on with us to share his favorite ancient masters breathing techniques. There are many wonderful videos about breathing and you can add this to your collection because we need to keep this in the center of our daily routine to build strength throughout our lives.

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One small note I mentioned in a blog, it might not be a bad idea to keep a bottle of liquid Robitussin on hand if you do get a flu or COVID-19. Dr. William Wong, proteolytic enzyme researcher (ZYMESSENCE) and a lifelong pneumonia sufferer, has stated it has been the only expectorant that has faithfully worked to clear his lungs. He combines 20-40 ml. (4-8 teaspoons) doses along with proteolytic enzymes to break down the thick mucus of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness with extremely thick mucus. You want a systemic enzyme that is highly fibrinolytic, or one that breaks down the fibrin in the mucus. This assists the expectorant and makes the mucus more fluid. Also do body positions to move mucus including tapping massage on the back.

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AUDIO VERSION: Your Body’s Perfect Respirator – Lungs! with with Bill McKenna¬†– 42:31