This is the story of a man named Juan Perez, a descendent of the Guarani indigenous people of Paraguay. As a twelve year old boy, his “star elders”, or extraterrestrials in Western parlance, visited him in a remote area of Argentina while herding horses. A fog enshrouded a craft, also witnessed by 3 other young men that day. But what happened to Juan changed his life as he was the one who went inside, tying his horse up to the cold, metallic ladder that was provided him. With no words or mental images for what was happening to him, Juan became ostracized from his family and friends. He spent the next thirty years living alone, hunting for his survival, terrified that it would happen again. That is until an Argentine filmmaker befriended him to help him heal and document the journey along with the famed (NASA, Project Blue Book) UFO researcher Jacques Vallee.

This is a rare, beautiful and emotionally touching glimpse into the life – the eyes – of a man of extreme sensitivity, intelligence and healing power. We see the impact of contact from a perspective seldom witnessed. Witness Of Another World, the finished product of filmmaker Alan Stivelman, is the first feature film on this phenomena produced in South America. The animated graphics, music and production boost an already exquisite story. Enjoy!

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