It has been said that no species shall interfere with a developing species and it is the right of each sentient species to learn and grow into their highest potential.
Still, we hear constant stories of how various self-interested, or self-appointed, ET races have interfered – or intervened – with the human species. In this discussion, Tim, a member of an “unacknowledged special project team” in Germany explains that governments have been using advanced technologies to compress (or make coherent) messages from beings in other dimensions. He states his team was able to contact a collective of ET and inter-dimensional races called ‘Being 6’ who gave them an overview of what is playing out on earth. They shared that the human species has the ability to become one of the most spiritually advanced in the universe – once we free ourselves from outside control. Discernment, love and cooperation are the keys, and now is the moment as the earth’s frequencies shift to a higher level.



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