There have been two men whom I have seen analyze outcomes for the future and what has shown up on their mathematical models is that humanity and conscious advancement win. But we are going to be challenged like we never have before this happens.

In my conversation with Lee Harris and the group he channels, called The Zs, explain to me that our challenging times have just begun. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the darker “cosmic forces” along with interdimensional forces who wish to keep humanity minimized in their potential are experiencing unintended consequences of their controlling actions. The Zs do not shy away from speaking truth from their vantage point and say this is the most critical time period in many thousands of years to take back this planet. It becomes clear that we have to wake up from any delusional thinking and from rationalization that goes against our inner core truths. Truth and healing will prevail, but not until we insist on it and begin working toward it. It’s a fascinating conversation!

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