In the autumn of 2019, I interviewed Simon Chokoisky when he shared that 2020 was going to be a heck of a ride – a year of chaos and revolution. Well….

In this conversation Simon keys-in on the Vedic astrology for the chart of the United States, which has set into motion energetic dynamics that are calling out for us to “Let go” now. Let go of every single thing that has not been working collectively. A quick glance around would suggest that we’ve been clinging to the familiar in the face of a demand to change. Simon says we may need to let go of is our idea of what the economy should look like while opening up to the reality of cryptocurrencies. This and much more about the incredibly intense times ahead that also give us a chance to evolve ourselves in a more potent way than ever before.

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AUDIO VERSION: This Too Will Pass with Simon Chokoisky – (currently unavailable)