The most commonly uttered phrase I have heard over the last week in response to the unfathomable number of mass shootings is “I feel numb.” Fifty-seven multiple and mass shooting events in the United States since July 4th, Independence Day, just a month ago. The numbers: 87 killed and 243 injured according to my calculations.

For me it was different, I didn’t feel numb. I finally broke into a silent sob with yesterday’s Dayton, Ohio shooting. Completely overwhelmed at the helplessness, and even hopelessness, of this devastatingly dark state of affairs, I decided to go into a deeper than normal meditation. The following is what emerged, which I typed word for word as it came through:

This is a time in which the people are vested with making very clear decisions. There has been a lack of commitment and concern as to what is important within your societies. You have given into automatic patterns through stress, fear, fatigue and distress, allowing ‘what exists’ to permeate your cultures and societies. This has served some people [those who wish to control the many] very well but has damaged the millions of others in an adverse way. You are now being shown, in full living color, in your own blood, where you need to put your actions and character.

Those who wish to control the many are living without the benefit of conscience. If you too begin living without conscience, you have a world that looks as it does now. So what is conscience? It is the ability to determine what is correct and incorrect for a person, family, culture and planet. If you have this ability but do not act on it in any significant way, you have a world without conscience. You are seeing a world without conscience.

The good people of this planet must now stand up and act according to their conscience. There are many paths this can take you, from family conversations and decisions to a larger political and social movement where more people gather together.

The people [shooters] who are conducting these crimes against humanity are not involved in their own actions. They are empty shells that have been filled with an initiative to fulfill. They feel very little in these acts as a odd kind of numbness has engulfed their psyche. There are forces beyond your awareness that are feeding on your own lack of conscious engagement with your lives. These can easily influence one who has no conviction, no purpose and no conscience. Your people are being greatly affected by these other realms of entities at this time as it is as though they now have easy access to your minds and emotions and can manipulate with ease.

How do you stop this? There is a strengthening of will, character and goodness that must occur within humanity to begin strengthening the field surrounding the human being so it cannot be so easily permeated by others. This is the practice of things that are healthful on all levels of mind, body and soul. This includes coming into resonance with your host, the Earth, and her intelligence and healing properties. This also includes limiting your contact with all things that express darkness, including your various medias. It requires strengthening your field through clear choice and action that is enforced through your will. There are basic practices that can be used in assisting one another socially by coming together in higher thought as groups. Making commitments to one another is good with human beings as they will often complete something for another they would not do for themselves.

Humans have been desensitized to the frequency of love. It is not a priority to feel, then extend this frequency, to daily life around you. In fact, this is a very low priority on your planet. You would rather judge one another than choose to go into the frequency of love as judgment, for example, is easier and gives the quick benefit of a sense of superiority.

You have a basic vibrational issue here in that people are feeding into the lower frequencies of judgment, greed, apathy more and more. What you see today is the world you have created.

There is a choice to change this but it will require a good bit of work. As in all states of illness, you must now overcome the low vibratory frequencies of lower thought and feeling before you can establish the more positive currents of kindness, friendship, care and generosity on Earth. Much like overcoming a serious disease, the people need to heal before you can gather enough energy to begin rebuilding your life in a better way.

This was rather stark, but I felt there was truth in it, which is why I have opted to share it with you. Please comment as you wish and share if you feel motivated to do so.