Once in a blue moon, a system for understanding consciousness emerges that is genuinely useful. Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys provides a way of engaging our innate DNA codes, which house our potential.  And the Gene Keys do so filled with light and gentleness! After diving into my own personal Gene Keys profile, I began the journey down the rabbit hole of viewing our Shadows and Gifts and found them uncannily accurate. My friends joined in and it was decided that I would interview Richard over the course of 3 interviews. This, the first part in our series, focuses on how The Gene Keys came into existence after a couple of epic 3-day journey’s/downloads leading to this profound body of work. This will be followed by Part 2, which will focus on our Life’s Purpose, followed by Part 3, The Venus Sequence, the keys that show us how we function in relationships, from our shadow to our highest, most loving, potential. Stay tuned over the next couple of months for the releases of Part 2 & 3. Enjoy!



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