The 1950s in Southern California was the place of new ideas. From Yogananda to Earth-men ETs, messages about the need to raise human consciousness abounded. We were in the post WWII era, sitting at a cross roads between choosing peace and a wartime global economy. Profound messages were brought to selected people to share with the world. Two such men were George Adamski and the lesser known Orfeo Angelucci. The spacemen told stories of critical choice points for human beings, stories of how time works and even stories of a long forgotten planet in our solar system that has since been destroyed – a planet called Lucifer. When the ET men realized we were not listening and only wanted technology for war, they left. What has happened since is a matter of cheap thrillers and scary sci-fi movies. This interview with Paola Harris takes us back to the original messages and the imperative that we now listen to what we missed then because it’s never too late to learn.

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