What happens to the mind when a person is alone, freezing and starving to death? Woniya Thibeault tells us that, for her, it was one of the most sublime moments imaginable. She demonstrated to herself and the world that her fierce connection with nature fed her when her body should have failed.
As a contestant in the Netflix series ‘Alone’,  Woniya took everything she had gained throughout her lifetime in nature and staked what she calls her ‘surthrival’ on it. She asked herself “What if the challenge to live in some of the harshest conditions on earth could be about finding joy in each moment?” Singing with the birds, honoring the sun and speaking to the animals and rocks, she says that all of life thrives on relationship and connection. This is a beautiful message for those who have been suffering from loss of connection with one another and/or nature because the “cure” is only one sunrise or breath away.


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