These famous words by Henry David Thoreau are finally taking on significance across a wide arc of society. Millennials are among the early adopters of this movement toward simplicity, having been forced into the position as a result of student debt, rising costs of housing and a growing list of challenges along with the increasing heart-felt desire to live life. I couldn’t be happier  to see such a significant healing trend emerging.

Toward that end, I recently interviewed Dr. Zeus Yiamouyiannis, author of Transforming Economy. I knew within a couple of chapters that I would collaborate with him and his work in the future. His Ph.D. in Philosophy of Education is only the starting point to his understanding of the need to, and the means to, shift broken systems into something that works for us, rather than us working for the system. That interview will be coming out down the road on Gaia, but I will begin featuring some of his vast array of blogs on transforming community/economy, education and spirituality. He also has a couple of new books in the works for us to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the article below, by Holly Ashby, lays out a desirable case for simplifying our lives. The end goal is to have the energy and time to contemplate higher, more interesting and more creative themes in life, which we cannot do when we are exhausted from trying to make the monthly nut.