This is one exciting conversation! We’re talking about vitamin patch technology, which is said to bypass many of the bioavailability and absorption issues of oral vitamins and minerals.

Dennis Shepherd’s professional background as a clinical pathologist positioned him in the autopsy room. It was common to find a body whose stomach was full of undigested vitamins. With a passion for healing, he began researching alternatives to ingestible nutrients and landed on patch technology. For the past 15 years, he has been working with Stanford University and UCLA to formulate non-medical nutrient patches addressing some of the most stubborn and persistent problems among vulnerable groups such as the elderly and children. With lab results supporting the efficacy of his technology, today he is manufacturing 30-million patches a month, which are distributed around the world through Some of the more popularly adopted nutrients are Vitamin B-12, D-3, Omega 3, and the Ultimate Immune Support patch to address COVID-19. Enjoy!

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AUDIO VERSION: Patch Me Up! (Transdermal immune system boosting) with Dennis Shepherd – (currently unavailable)