Many energy based technologies leave you only with either anecdotal or personal validation of the beneficial effects. This leaves an interested person looking for measurable proof. Good news…proof is here!

The renowned Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov has sent a lifetime developing the technological means to measure subtle energies within an environment. His device, the GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) is a standard bearer for professional use. Medical practitioners around the world use the GDV to help diagnose imbalances in their clients’ personal and environmental energy fields. Many clients of FLFE, meanwhile, have been looking for proof that FLFE’s consciousness raising technology is indeed working in their homes. Toward that end, FLFE’s founders engaged the services of Melissa Waterman to use the GDV device to measure the energetic signature of a home both with, and without, FLFE.  The results are in. Enjoy!

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