Famed scientist and researcher of consciousness, Dr. Gary Schwartz of University of Arizona, Tucson, has recently turned his eye toward Focused Light Force Energy (FLFE), which is good news for all of us!  FLFE is a technology of the future, which, while people are greatly benefiting from it, it’s still hard to explain. Meanwhile, the founders of FLFE are devoted to putting their consciousness-enhancing technology to the test, which led to the partnership with Dr. Schwartz, director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health. In this episode, we will look at studies proving the effects of FLFE on the growth and yields of crops and plants, as well as how FLFE has outperformed expectations in the area of EMF sensitivity. I, personally, am thrilled to now be able to sleep in hotels and densely populated areas again without my limbs buzzing! Enjoy!



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