There is such an incredible amount of helpful information to sort through that I am including both an interview and a separate link to include for your own research.

In my latest interview with Compton Rom, released last week, we focused on the nature of COVID-19 and the immune system, touching on the detrimental effects of 5G on cellular health. Because there are so few ways to blunt the effects of 5G, I invited the inventors of Focused Life Force Energy – Jeff Stegman and Clayten Stegmann – on with me to discuss a program that is effective in mitigating 5G and other EMFs. At the top of the interview I share data on the effects of 5G on the immune system and cellular. There is a bonus video at the end that shows the clusters of COVID-19 as of a few days ago and the cities that have fired up their 5G. In addition, you will have links to information by Dr. Rashid Buttar on the negative impact of 5G on the COVID-19 and health in general. He has done an entire series of shows on COVID that are painstakingly documented. I believe we need to take this technology seriously.

Dr. Rashid Buttar’s 5G COVID-19 episode

FLFE link to info on EMF’s

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AUDIO VERSION: Knock Out 5G & Boost Immunity with Clayten Stedmann & Jeff Stegman – 47:38