For decades spiritual communities have been told that our earth was going to go through another mass extinction and it’s OUR fault. No. We are not going through another mass extinction anytime soon.
Because of the number of people I am in contact with and the stories they share, I felt it was time to stand up against this deplorable story that human beings are deplorables and should be ashamed of ourselves for existing. This is a story propagated by those who have had an unnatural and unkind influence on humankind since the beginning. We may not know their names, nor where they are from, but we do know they exist and have kept their proverbial boots on our necks for thousands of years. But we are waking up, and we are pulling off their masks.
From angels, to regression subjects to wise men and women and my own guides the story is the same – humankind is on a path of progression back toward another Golden Age. Yes, it’ll get messier before we break through, but we WILL break through in time. Until then, we need to relax, regain control of our hearts and minds, stop being mindless consumers and begin asking new questions. Enjoy!



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