One of the most searched words on the internet these days is ‘narcissism.’ It’s also bandied about like it’s a common condition. The word is also often misused. To find out more about the truly devastating dilemma of being involved with a genuine narcissist, I spoke with Melanie Tonia Evans, who has spent a decade lecturing to both professionals in mental health care and the public about the effects of narcissists on the people around them. Melanie says the problem is becoming of epidemic proportions, and it’s usually the loved ones that are most damaged in the end. One of the communities that has been deeply impacted by the growing numbers of narcissists is the New Age and modern spiritual movements. Self-proclaimed gurus are being busted in greater numbers for abusing their followers through narcissistic behavior. From gurus to family members, this is a tricky condition to identify and heal from so let’s get started by hearing Melanie out.



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