I find it ironic that so many of us human beings feel that we are alone with our challenges when we are, in fact, surrounded by wisdom that is simply waiting to be asked for help. In an effort to help us understand this better, I spoke with the Theo group through channel Sheila Gillette.
In our conversation, Theo tells us that not only is the opportunity to incarnate as human  “exquisite,” but that there are billions of souls waiting for this experience. Why? Because this five sense world offers a cornucopia of potential engagement.  And, Theo adamantly says, WE are the authors of our lives and that each incarnation is complete in itself and that we do NOT finish life dragging a trail of karma with us. Also discussed was the question of when a guide can assist and when they cannot assist us, and that our entrenched beliefs and lack of self-worth are the main obstacles to our engaging guidance. I found this a very relevant conversation for these times in which many people feel earth life is not worth it. Enjoy!



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