In this time of instant gratification and delusion, the casualty has been Truth. So much so that one of the most often stated phrases I hear from people seeking truth is that they don’t know what’s real anymore. According to
Tanis Helliwell, we CAN find our truth once again, IF we start listening to our body, the instrument of all natural intelligence. We’ve all known for decades that living a lie can show itself in all types of ill health, but we haven’t focused on the reverse, which is how to listen to our body for our ultimate truths. Tanis’ new book Good Morning Henry was eight years in the making because Tanis needed to live each principle before writing the next chapter. Pearls of wisdom drip from its pages in addressing how the quality of our thoughts, beliefs and emotions chart our future. All of the power is in our own hands to live a peaceful and deeply satisfying life, IF we stop ignoring our body’s messages which are informed by the soul, emotions and subconscious mind. Enjoy!



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