An interesting conversation has begun between myself and Paul Wallis, which will be added to with Sean O’Laoire’s input at a later date.


Wallis is an Anglican pastor who, like Erich von Daniken in his days as Catholic clergy, began wrangling with the big and uncomfortable biblical passages through fresh translation. The stories of the Old Testament didn’t seem cohesive. How can you have, on one hand, a God who is life-giving and caring toward humans and another who is homicidal and cruel? As he began looking at the possibility of literal translation, rather than metaphorical and inspirational, the story of ET intervention in humanity became clear, again, as it did for von Daniken. Wallis blended this interpretation with indigenous folklore of clans from around the world being assisted by very tall, beautiful, pale or shining human-like beings during times of great earthly strife. Our conversation wandered into the arena of how these stories have affected both the Judeo-Christian world and the indigenous cultures around the world in terms of our collective self-worth. It’s a conversation to be continued and I hope you enjoy it!



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