I discovered an arcane document that was channeled by HC Randall Stevens, who was believed to be channeling Osiris in the 1920’s. Among the fascinating glimpses into our ancient past are what is said to be the original Commandments, which are much more elegant than what we have inherited through the Judeo-Christian teachings. I am also enclosing the original documents titled The Osiris Chronicles, which takes us on a journey from Lemurian times through Atlantis and its destruction into Egypt.


1. ‘Abstain from taking the life of thy fellow, or of anything which creepeth upon the face of the Earth, or of that which swimmeth in the depths of the ocean.

2. ‘Seek not to obtain that which doth not belong to thee, for he that doth cast the eye of envy upon his neighbour with desire to obtain that which his neighbour hath, without his consent, hath committed the sin of covetousness.

3. ‘Seek not to supplant thy fellow with desire to take his place, for he who doeth this thing is guilty of deceit.

4. ‘Give honour unto thy earthly Father and Mother, that they have been privileged to be called unto parenthood, for unless the command were of God the Cosmic force, they could not become the vessels of earthly birth.

5. ‘Seek not to take a husband or a wife if the divine spark of love is not brightly burning, for I say unto you that whoso doeth this thing is guilty of seeking the lusts of the mortal body of shame, and hath walked in the ways of Satanaku.

6. ‘Thou shalt not at any time have mortal union with thy brother or thy sister for the sole purpose of satisfying the lusts of the mortal body of shame, for whoso doeth this thing is guilty of practising the Initiations of Satanaku.

7. ‘Never shall any among you seek mortal union with those that are from out the animal kingdom, for I say unto you that this is one of the greatest offences that mortal man or woman can commit before the face of the Cosmic Spirit of God.

8. ‘Speak openly unto thy brother and thy sister that thy words may be as “the sacred oaths” in the eyes of all men.

9. ‘Refrain from the devastating practices of Black Magic, for by these things did those of Atlantis and Sarkon perish.

10. ‘Confess thy faults to no man, but seek the temple of thine own heart which doth dwell within each one of you. Speak with thy God face to face, for He alone can pardon your offences, by giving you a happy and clear conscience with which to appear before men.

11. ‘Help one another as ye yourselves are helped by the Universal Creator.

12. ‘Abstain from the practice of unveiling the faults of others before the multitudes, for by so doing are you degrading them before themselves and before men. He who is faultless let him proclaim it, and his soul will hear him, and recognising the truth which it hath heard, will reward him greatly. But if the lie hath been spoken, then shall the sower gather in the harvest accordingly.

13. ‘Abstain from warring one with another, for by so doing are ye leaning unto the ways of Satanaku.

14. ‘Honour all men as you would have them honour you.'”