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Regina’s Book Club: Living Souls in the Spirit Dimension

Tuesday, September 22nd @ 6:00 PDT

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I interviewed Chris Hardy for Gaia on her book Wars of the Anunnaki Gods and found her work to be profound in the connections made through volumes of research. When Chris is committed to a subject she does not stop until she is satisfied with the cohesiveness of the story. The same is true for her newest work, Living Souls in the Spirit World: The Afterlife and Transdimensional Reality.

This book is an exploration of the dimension that is occupied by both deceased human souls and by our own Higher Mind or Spirit. Where the two meet is when what we call paranormal phenomena occurs – communications across dimensions. This book reflects on her own experiences in communion with those on “the other side” and is enriched by historical research giving validity to the events many of us have experienced. I’ll even share a couple of my own experiences and invite you to do the same! See you on September 22nd!!


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