I was in the studios at Gaia last week, along with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Talk among the people present, was, naturally, Disclosure. I chimed in saying that I do not believe it is not going to happen in the way people would like to see. Any official channels will be slow, rolled out over the next few decades. Early adopters such as you and me already know this phenomenon exists. I don’t personally need any more proof – I’ve had decades of it. I am only interested in so far as the subject is making life better on this planet. Yet we have an addictive desire to taste more of the savory juices of alien intrigue. I would like to know why? Why is it that humans can’t get enough of this story once they engage with it?

Meanwhile, our own lives are often slipping by us un-lived as we choose voyeurism into things of high strangeness. Much of this falls under Conspiracy, which I have written about before. My son asked me how I felt about being part of the distribution of conspiracy information and I told him I had begun wondering if I was doing a disservice. While we need to know of deeds that are affecting our lives, is it beneficial to us to be privy to those things over which we have no control, things that can only instill fear? That’s a genuine question to you.

I am constantly trying to feel into the future and how I can be of service through my role at Gaia and beyond and I keep bumping into this same question – When will we be ready to move beyond Conspiracy/Disclosure? When will we want to focus on taking back our sovereignty and connecting deeply with one another again? Aliens are here and come and go whether we like it or not. To me the greatest joy is having friends around for dinner, playing games, walking in the Red Rocks, having fabulous conversations. Meanwhile, the most enjoyable times I had in the UFO circles was being out under the stars, meditating together and looking for anomalies in the sky. It was a bonding experience.

Still, I spend my days diving down the rabbit hole of intrigue to prepare for work. These endeavors feel increasingly out of sync with how I want to show up in the world and live. How are you engaging with it all? I would really like to hear your thoughts on the usefulness of high intrigue that results in fear that cannot be mitigated by you. Are we still doing a service by focusing on it? You are such intelligent and thoughtful people, I take seriously what you have to say.