No doubt there have been times in your life when you’ve felt cursed, nothing is going right. Perhaps there is even a theme of roadblocks to attaining certain experiences or things in life. According to Jan Engel-Smith, these challenges are often the effect of curses playing out. What is a curse? It can be malevolent, backed with intense intention, or it can be something as ubiquitous as adages that play out in families or society such as “Money doesn’t grow on trees” that can lead to lack, feelings of insufficiency or anxiety. Curses were also common in past lives where ritual may have been involved to deepen the lasting effect. In today’s divided world, some of our judgmental and darker thoughts may be carrying much more weight than we are aware of,  but, while the energy of curses and spells doesn’t go away,  it CAN be undone or transformed. Enjoy!



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