The world we see around us is the direct result of sidelining women from major leadership capacity for millennia. It’s not pretty.
After decades of gender training in the workforce, in schools, and at home, we find we got it wrong. Men and women do not approach challenges nor connection with one another in the same way. In fact, we could literally flip the script and have a more productive outcome across the board. The fact is, according to Barbara Annis (a pioneer and global consultant in gender intelligence) we cannot leave women out of major leadership roles any longer whether it be in government, military, corporations, and even at home in our personal relationships. For one thing, the female brain is hard-wired to consider consequences while the male brain is far less so. Imagine a world in which consequences had been taken into consideration when major decisions were made. This is a LONG overdue conversation that is finally happening. Dr. Donese Worden brought Annis to my attention and we had a delightful three-way conversation.

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