I first met Cate Montana while interviewing her at Gaia on her book, Unearthing Venus, in which she shared her journey back to the feminine after embodying a man’s way of life. In her newest book, Apollo and Me, we take it much further through her story of an encounter with the Olympian God, Apollo, while in Greece on a writing deadline.

Resting above Apollo’s Temple on a day out and about, Cate had a visceral vision of a man bounding toward her saying “I have a message to share with humanity.” Shocked, and wide awake now, Cate tried to put the experience into context. Ultimately, this entity told his story as Apollo, Bringer of Light, and his mission to help awaken women to the deepest power (and pain) of our femininity. Cate was told that feminine shame and self loathing is at the base of our imbalanced and competitive world, a world that is doomed if the women do not wake up and claim their true power. Also, in his revelations, he spoke about how our own creative powers evoked the Gods into existence, which, in turn, took advantage of humanity, including sexually. The Olympian story ultimately ended as Christianity took control and they withdrew from earth – except for one – one who controls and creates separation to this day.

Cate fictionalized the story so she could push the boundaries, which include descriptive sexuality resulting in a profound confluence of events that deeply affects many woman readers. (No spoiler alert needed as I used discernment in the conversation so as to not spoil the book for you 🙂 Enjoy!

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