My friend Mitra, died on Sunday – Easter, April Fool’s Day and the day of the Blue Moon. A perfect exit!

Before he died, he was drifting in and out of consciousness for the last weeks. Mostly out. I have found that this is a time when a soul is easy to contact. Other good times are when a soul has just transitioned out of the body and the physical life and when the soul is just about to enter the body in a new incarnation.

Many people were singing, playing music and meditating with and for Mitra in those last days. We like to put a joyous story around being released from the burdens of Earth Life, which is certainly true for most of us when we cross over. So stories of comfort and joy are what I subconsciously expected when I chose to link up with Mitra in the final days. The following is what he “shared” with me as I relaxed, closed my eyes and projected my awareness to him on the “other side.”

Mitra said that he was seeing life on Earth as someone viewing a terrarium and all of the life forms it contains from a purely observational mode. He then told me that he had been struggling with the brutality of society and the all-too-common unkindness of human earth life. He spoke of Earth being shrouded in darkness. The vision pulled out into a wide view of earth from the outer atmosphere. There was a subtle, barely visible, grid work of lines intersecting, dark at the vector points. Then he suddenly said with great urgency – “ALWAYS choose love, Regina!”

As he repeated these words, the grid began showing small dots of light spark up at the vector points. He showed what happens when people choose the frequency of love, acceptance, and compassion in daily dealings, even when they are in a frustrating situation. These spontaneous moments of the high frequencies we call love literally brighten our matrix.

It’s not that we aren’t aware of this concept. It was Mitra’s plea that this love practice become a conscious day-in-day-out, moment-in-and-moment-out, way of life. If this were to suddenly become the our reality broadly and deeply, life would change instantly. Meanwhile, it CAN change that instantly for each of us, each moment we choose love when we would normally choose some lesser mindset that would help us “deal” with the moment. These lesser machinations of the mind are lower frequency and produce no light.

I thanked Mitra for his wise words and wished him peace in his final transition. His words were simple and beautiful and I wanted to share them with you. If this message resonates with you, please share!