This article is not a defense of Donald Trump’s frighteningly uninformed statement on how to “cure COVID” at home. I want to put some context to some of the “cures” he attempted to explain in one of his infamous COVID news conferences. Chiefly, Hydroxychloroquine, Chlorine and UV light. We’ve all seen the comedy clips of Trump having a go at explaining the science without having taken the time to learn anything about it. Bad idea, but here is my attempt to put into context what I THINK he was saying.

Hydroxychloroquine is used to treat malaria and there have apparently been some cases in which it has helped reverse the symptoms of COVID-19. In other cases, harm was caused, even death.

Historically quinine was used to treat people who came back from exotic regions of the world with malaria. It was the only known cure in past times but had serious risks as people often overdosed and died of the cure. To follow the malaria thread……

A few decades ago an American miner named Jim Humble trudged deep into the South American jungle to prospect for gold when two of his men fell ill to malaria. Humble carried sodium chlorite in his supplies to disinfect brackish water for drinking. It occurred to him to give the ill members of the crew a dose of the sanitized water (one would think in somewhat higher concentrations than normal.) The story goes that they recovered very quickly in spite of not having access to quinine. As a devout Christian, this set Humble on a mission to see what else it could cure among the poorer populations fo the world.

Not surprisingly, he came under fire from all official offices and institutions and now lives in Mexico denying that his discovery every cured anybody of anything.

That said, a little over a decade ago I came into contact with an M.D. who had worked at a biological laboratory in Stanleyville, in the former Belgian Congo. According to my source, they were working with green monkey tissue. Our relationship started off when he shared regret over what they had done, believing it had contributed to the advent of AIDS. But this is one man’s story. I should tell you that this man worked for the CIA and MI-6. I will not share his name as there is highly controversial information out there regarding his life.

In the later part of his life he began working with Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement – or MMS – which is essentially chlorine dioxide, industrial chlorine – to help “cure” people of cancer and AIDS. His passion, like Humble’s, was to offer direct, affordable cures for the most plaguing diseases to the planet’s poor. I was curious and asked him about this.

He had a very specific protocol using MSM (Methylsuphonymethane) for weeks prior to administering the MMS, which was given in minute doses beginning with one drop. The theory was that the MSM softened the wall of the cells allowing them to more easily dump toxins. The MMS would then destroy the toxins. The potential for very rapid toxicity was great and could harm or even kill a person, so he insisted his patients use only his protocol.

Did it work? I only know that when my contact died, others who knew him said he was a hero in the Philippines where he had been using his protocols on local populations to “cure” cancer. I knew that he had spent many years in the Philippines working for one ,or both, of the intelligence agencies, so this wasn’t totally out of the question. I also remember his anguished claim that AIDS could be beaten for $7 per person using his protocols. I would guess his passion was due to guilt over his Stanleyville activities in the lab.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people began jumping on the MMS wagon about 15 years ago, some claiming astounding results, while others became ill, usually temporarily. This is when conspiracy sites began promoting it. Another instance of too little knowledge and too much enthusiasm. Of course there never will never be clinical studies as it is cheap and, if it had value, would cut into Pharma profits.

Might the work of Jim Humble be what Trump was referring to? He is said to listen to certain conspiracy sites who could easily have mentioned MMS, so it’s possible.

As for Ultraviolet light therapy that he claimed could be “injected under the skin?” There is a precedent for Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) therapy. This was successfully used in the 1940s and 1950s to cure diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, septicemia,  and arthritis. It involved extracting a small amount of blood, exposing it to ultraviolet light and re-introducing it into the blood stream. Some of the old machines are still out there. I have attached an article on the history of UV therapy. Meanwhile, I think we all understand that simply being out in the sun offers it’s own UV healing benefits!

As I said, this is not a defense of Trump’s genuinely clueless statements, rather to explain what he may have been referring to in as honest a way as I know.