Atlantis has been the subject of immense speculation and wonder over the last several decades. But, now, perhaps more than ever, there appears to be a growing collective memory yielding a picture of technology gone wrong, viruses, and political control that has shadows of current times.

Sarah Breskman Cosme has witnessed, first hand, the recollections of an array of hypnotherapy clients who are finding themselves drawn to her with stories of Atlantis and Lemuria, including the trauma trapped within their bodies from catastrophes of ancient times. Sarah is a level 3 practitioner of QHHT, Dolores Cannon’s regression method. Having been regressed to Atlantis by Dolores herself back in 2000, I have come to believe that the best chance we have at piecing together our ancient and buried human history is through our collective memory and the vector points of similar past life experiences. Get ready for a hypnotist’s journey to Atlantis!


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