We’ve all seen the bumper stickers the past few decades, “What you think you become.” It’s true. Imagine you’ve passed out of this world and are given your highlight reels of ALL of the thoughts you indulged in your lifetime. You’d probably notice that the thoughts that were most persistent ultimately dictated the quality of your life.
Darius J. Wright will tell you that’s absolutely true. As an Out of Body Experiencer, he has learned to navigate the realms and dimensions of earth without fear and tells us that our thoughts never die. And, that the ones we repeat become our destiny. In his experience thoughts are tangible, visible things he can see on the other side and that they gain mass due to reinforced or repetitious thought. This means that if we don’t like what we see, we need to choose the quality of our thoughts more carefully as we are truly co-creators of the world around us. For me, this is addressing the basis of reality itself. Enjoy!



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