The conspiracy community often bandies about words like Cabal, Elite and Deep State. But who ARE these entities? In recent times these labels have passed the level of absurdity, so I decided to step back and take a deeper look at who these entities actually are by going straight to the horse’s mouth. I spoke with John Warner IV, the son of one of the wealthiest banking families in the world (Committee of 300) and of a U.S. Senator. As a young boy, John did his homework in the Pentagon alongsideĀ his dad, John Warner III, who was U.S. Secretary of the Navy. He heard and saw things the rest of us only read about. As a man, he said “I carried my father’s briefcase” to meetings with every kind of power player in the world, including three meetings with Queen Elizabeth. In short, he’s been “in the room.”
From stories of breeding to blackmail, John is extremely candid in his experience of who is – and is not – a part of what we outsidersĀ call the Cabal or Deep State. Many of you will be surprised at what John has to say as we’re confronted with a reality far more profound in its implications than any simple label.



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