Sometimes it is the darkest topics that need to have light shone on them in order to heal. The subject of sexual harassment is among the most taboo of all topics. It carries shame, threat, judgment, loathing of self and other, and rage to name a few of the emotions. The most shocking part of the story is that it is ubiquitous throughout all of the cultures on earth, but seldom spoken of. In this week’s interview I speak with Wes von Walawender, a former priest who was abused by his direct superior in the church. His story is very rare in that he observed a strange reaction within himself that was ultimately healed in an even stranger way.

To read more thoughts on why humanity is plagued with this spiritual illness, please read this article written by Dr. Zeus Yiamouyiannis who teaches a University Psych course called Emotions and Motivations. His deep research began when he realized how common the experience of sexual abuse was among his students and clients.

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