A strange new virus appears to be affecting reasoning centers in the media and science! 
Pfizer tell us that their jabs don’t appear to be as effective as expected, which the FDA acknowledges by approving it! Huh?
Trump addresses a rally in Alabama, suggesting now that everyone become vaccinated – to a round of boos. Meanwhile, a friend of mine died this week of “the virus” after listening to Trump deny that it was real, prompting her to refuse testing or help.
New York City mayor Bill De Blasio mandates vaccines – with no option of testing – for all teachers in New York City. Who applauds it? The Teacher’s union, the ones dedicated to protecting the individual rights of their members.
And, why has NO ONE in the larger media told us about the simple things you can do to effectively manage the menacing virus? Are we in an upside-down world or what?
Zeus and I, after reading a large number of recent articles with new scientific stats, realized it was time for an update on our Delta Variant Blues video. We talk about new stats on vaccine effectiveness as well as the argument that SHOULD be happening: Immune vs. non-immune rather than vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated. Meanwhile, vaccinated or not, there appears to be a risk of micro-clotting in the circulatory system. But there are solutions the media isn’t telling you about. We’re sharing that information in this video.
In short, this virus is a planetary game-changer in how we live our lives, and approach our long term health, and that’s a good thing if we choose to be proactive. Enjoy!


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