The story of the nature of COVID continues to evolve and both Zeus and I believe it’s important to evolve our understanding so we can make informed decisions. Because so little truthful information has been offered by official sources we are left on our own to decode what we’re dealing with. Zeus Yiamouyiannis, Ph.D. has taught media literacy (how to learn to interpret and correctly research media) in his academic career and received an honors degree in Biology, followed by working in a physiological chemistry researching enzymes. This combination of skill sets, combined with a relentless desire to “get to the bottom of things” has proven to be invaluable to my understanding of what COVID-19 is presenting to humanity. The next major decision point is going to be about vaccinations. We cannot afford to be ignorant any longer.

So, here’s our latest update, which may leave you asking how a nicotine patch could possibly be part of this story! Please feel free to share with your open-minded friends and family as we have to educate ourselves now.

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