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Blog: My Thoughts & Reflections

“Simplify, simplify…”

“Simplify, simplify…”

These famous words by Henry David Thoreau are finally taking on significance across a wide arc of society. Millennials are among the early adopters of this movement toward simplicity, having been forced into the position as a result of student debt, rising costs of housing and a growing list of challenges along with the increasing heart-felt desire to live life.

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When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

When Can We Move Beyond Disclosure?

I was in the studios at Gaia last week, along with Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Talk among the people present, was, naturally, Disclosure. I chimed in saying that I do not believe it is not going to happen in the way people would like to see. Any official channels will be slow, rolled out over the next few decades.

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When Giving Equals Healing

When Giving Equals Healing

This article touched my heart as the heart knows better than the head the implications of deep generosity. In the case of of man named Brice, it saved his life, more so, it saved his reason for living.

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