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Blog: My Thoughts & Reflections

Truth in a ‘Post Truth’ Era

Truth in a ‘Post Truth’ Era

I discovered an arcane document that was channeled by HC Randall Stevens, who was believed to be channeling Osiris in the 1920’s. Among the fascinating glimpses into our ancient past are what is said to be the original Commandments, which are much more elegant than what we have inherited through the Judeo-Christian teachings.

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Free-Will: Part One

Free-Will: Part One

The game is on, and we can now begin to exhibit our free-will in shaping the future. The surprising events that have unfolded over the past year have told us – unequivocally – that we’re ready for a new reality to emerge. So, what is our part in helping to create a new reality?

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The End of the ‘Taking’ Economy

The End of the ‘Taking’ Economy

Every now and then I pipe up about the economy because fear surrounding finances is one of the fundamental triggers in most people’s lives. And, the insane way the economic system is carrying on gives little comfort, no less hope, for our future and future generations.

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