The human phenomenon named Elon Musk has become perhaps the most controversial person on the planet. He is an extraordinarily complex man on a mission, which has radically transformed six industries. – PayPal, the solar, electric industry, electric vehicles, space travel, AI, NeuroLink. But he lives and speaks unfiltered as he is “on the spectrum“ with Asperger syndrome.  This means that intellectually, he’s extremely high in function, but low in his ability to connect easily with other people and has little to no impulse control. This means that what is in his head or heart comes out of his mouth, or fingertips (texting/Tweeting) without understanding the consequences. I have learned that this has caused him great regret over his lifetime

Because he’s having such a massive impact on humanity’s future (and in the headlines most days), I decided to offer a feature commentary hopscotching through his life, missions and relationships with others. This is not by no means a comprehensive view as it would take many hours, but hopefully gives a solid glimpse into his life so you can decide for yourself, ”Is he humanity’s friend or foe?”

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