You could practically hear the Delta Blues harmonica straining in the background as Zeus and I bumped into one another in the hallway. Shuffling rather than walking, hair sticking up or matted in the same robe from days before, we burst out laughing. We looked like COVID-19 zombies. Yup. We ended up with what appears to be the Delta Variant, now sprinting around the globe. You can imagine the sniggers from our vaccinated friends and family as we succumbed after having consciously chosen not to become vaccinated. What an adventure! What an education! In this conversation, we are sharing everything we learned by way of alternative treatments, which helped us spring back to vibrant health. This was what some would call a risky decision on my part considering I was what they call a triple “high risk.”
If you find value in this conversation useful, please feel free to share with others as we have been researching COVID-19 for over a year and believe we can all do a better job managing this virus than what has been sold to us.
(Please be aware that this video is not to be construed as medical advice, rather our personal experience and research.)


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