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Posted on Jan 27, 2016 in Blog, Open Minds |

X-Files Re-Opened; Art Imitating Life

X-Files Re-Opened; Art Imitating Life

My interview with Ken Cherry couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

Everyone has  been raving about the new X-Files Re-Opened as it dives straight into just about every active conspiracy theory. The central theme in the first show, “My Struggle” (available on Hulu), is that humanity has been mislead on the subject of alien presence here on earth. A more mature Mulder learns that it is not ETs, rather human forces, who are derailing civilized life on this planet via the darkest of agendas.

Not coincidentally, my interview with Ken Cherry, former director of Texas MUFON and author of The Stephenville UFO, is released on GaiaTV tomorrow. There are elements in this interview that may surprise you, the same issues being featured in X-Files. What role are aliens playing? Are they visiting from space or are they among us here on earth? How have the world governments exploited their presence and technology to be used against us? We address all of these issues and more in our conversation, including the fact that the UFO communities have been fully infiltrated by Intelligence to manage the message, which should be very concerning. To watch my interview with Ken Cherry, click here:

Meanwhile, we’ll see where mainstream media will attempt to take us over the weeks ahead in X-Files.