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Posted on Aug 27, 2015 in Blog |

When healing doesn’t work

When healing doesn’t work

Well….we have had some truly inspired comments regarding this week’s interview with Jerry Wills on the subject of When Healing Doesn’t Work.

This topic has been the subject of not only pain for many people “on their path”, but has also done much to shake faith in the incredible power within and beyond us. The conundrum is that our “conscious” mind has little communication with our Higher Self.

As I have already stated, if you cannot know thyself, you cannot know the blueprint and potentials for your present circumstance. 

When it comes to dis-ease, it can represent a challenge a soul has taken on for strengthening resolve, to overcome unfavorable odds through mastery of mind/emotions, to overcome fear, to reflect an unhealthy physical practice or mindset that has denigrated the health of the person. If one were to be able to converse with Oneself, the mystery would disappear and the real cause could be worked on. So, when Jerry says all he can do is his best, and the rest is up to the higher power of the person, he is quite right. Not everyone is truly ready to heal, particularly if the underlying opportunity for learning/growth hasn’t been addressed.

Conversely, once a person is ready, miracles, such as what Jerry facilitates, are child’s play for the unwell person’s True Self! This where it ALL plays out.


Here’s the link to the show: