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Posted on Aug 25, 2015 in Blog |

What’s happening in the global economy

What’s happening in the global economy

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 12.23.36 PMToday is the release of the 3rd of my conversations with Jerry Wills on GaiamTV. I spoke with Jerry earlier today and asked if his “bunny ears” (intuitive faculties) were up regarding what is coming into play with the global economy. I have been hearing from many quarters that what we’re beginning to see with the Asian markets is the beginning of what has been predicted as another 2008, but worse. One could argue that these precipitous changes in finance are tied to our fears and expectations bloating “the field” with negativity. One could also argue that these things occur cyclically for a larger purpose.

I think we can all agree that the way in which resources are distributed is fundamentally inhumane. One thing this highly intelligent and creative Human species isn’t hard wired to do is to factor monetization into all our endeavors. It’s an artificial and abstract construct that has been introduced. Some people are fascinated by the challenge and embrace it, but most scratch their heads wondering how we can take our good and creative endeavors and turn them into gold. In times past, our endeavor was part of the creation of complex and rich societies where all services and goods were needed to have an abundant (in the real sense of the word) life. Artists created art and music, blacksmiths made the horse shoes, the baker made the bread, the weaver made the cloth, and so on. Now we educate our children to sit behind computer screens at some mid-level of engagement where they have little creative say, regardless of the industry. This isn’t particularly valuable in situations where the doo doo hits the fan economically. So, back to Jerry….

Jerry feels that we are going into a downturn as well, and that what is going to take place is that there will be an effort to install a global currency on the back of the downturn. His instincts tell him that there will not be a complete collapse of the dollar or euro for the simple fact that the TPBs can’t afford to allow that to happen. As a result of the downturn, he believes that much greater tension and resentment will mount between the 2 groups of people remaining – those who are OK financially, and those who are not. That is where the mass experience could become unpleasant.

In the end, each of us needs to hone our own bunny ears and decide what, if anything, we wish to do in response to these streams of information. I bring it up as I saw so many suffer in 2008 that all the meditation in the world couldn’t reverse what they were unprepared to handle.