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Posted on Nov 12, 2015 in Blog |

UFO or Missile?

UFO or Missile?

Since so many of us were intrigued with last Saturday night’s “UFO” event, I thought it worthwhile to contact Jaime Maussan, one of the top 2-3 UFO investigative journalists in the world. Formerly the host of Mexico’s version of 60 Minutes, Jaime has since devoted his skills to identifying which of the events appear to be genuine vs. military or other phenomena.

Both he and Paola Harris, one of the other top researchers in the world, said that the military is not allowed to fire missiles over populated areas of the country, which should, in itself, resolve the claim of missile testing. Another question might be, if it were a missile that the military launched over large population centers, with no warning, for all to see, where did it land? Also, why is it that people could see it for several minute stretches when missiles travel up to 15,000 miles an hour? Another factor….it was said to have originated off the coast of Southern California. This is the most active place in the world for what are called USOs, or unidentified submerged objects – in other words, unidentified objects that rise out of the water and fly away. 

For now, Jaime said he had never seen an event that looked like Saturday night’s, and for that reason does’t make any firm statements as to its origin.

Meanwhile, there may be other possibilities. It is possible that these underwater “bases” may be collaborative efforts with the military and “off-planet cultures”, in which case the story would be even more convoluted? The following link is an event from 5 years ago that was ultimately brushed off as military as well, originating from the same region – off the coast of SoCal.