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Posted on Jan 19, 2016 in Blog |

Regina’s Blog: Twin Flames According to Theo

Regina’s Blog: Twin Flames According to Theo

I just got off the air with Sheila and Marcus Gillette on the Theo Live radio program. Marcus and I had decided in advance that we were going to talk about the subject of the Soul’s Journey, including the concept of Twin Flames.

This is a term that has been greatly romanticized as we are all yearning for the deepest connection possible with another human being. But, according to the Theo group, Twin Flames is something quite different than what many of us would guess.

I first asked the question in December when I had Sheila on Open Minds. I explained that there was an unusually synchronistic connection between my son, Stuart, and me. Our lives seem to be running in parallel. If I am at home making chili soul (for the first time in years), he’s at home making chili soup. If I am stopped for speeding and ticketed, he is ticketed for speeding the same day. If I feel a need to drop everything and travel somewhere, he will have the same urge. And on and on and on. In fact, I have joked that if I want to know how I feel, all I need to do is call Stuart and ask :-). We still laugh about it, but its way beyond random now due to the specificity.

When presented with this scenario, the Theo group said that we were what they call Twin Flames, which they say is 2 (polar opposite) expressions of the same soul. While it is not common for the polar aspects to incarnate into 2 bodies at the same time, the two halves of Self are always aligned. The way it showed up in our case was that from the moment Stuart was born, I felt whole, full and safe if he was in the same room. Still do.

Looked at on another level, I am intrigued with the notion that a soul could choose to incarnate, learn everything it could, give birth to another body to inhabit, and continue the process of rapid learning. Stuart picked up at a higher level due to what I had already learned and experienced and has many more years to refine his experience and knowledge. Actually it seems a very efficient process of progress. Its worth pondering, and may be but one of several explanations for the phenomena.

Meanwhile, when we go through the process of consciously integrating with our Higher Self, that same feeling of wholeness and safety is present. It is not necessary to have two bodies to have this experience. This makes the imperative to vertically integrate with oneself the most worthy journey. But, sadly, the messaging of the times – from all quarters – is designed to take us away from ourselves, to make us dependent on externals. Due to this challenge, I will begin doing a series of video blogs soon that will address the problem, and solutions, with an intention of going vertical and living our true purpose with enthusiasm again. But….it requires change. If you’re up for it, I’d like to go on that ride with you.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out in the future for my on air conversation with Theo about this topic on GaiaTV.