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Posted on Jan 7, 2017 in Blog | 4 comments

Tricky Times Indeed!

Tricky Times Indeed!

As women around the country hatch their plans to protest march on Inauguration Day, others believe that the United States is going to reach some kind of nostalgic ideal of greatness. Personally, I believe a vision I had hours after the election of President-elect Trump is true – even necessary.

Let me back up. Days before the election of Obama to the presidency eight years ago, I had a vision. I was shown that Obama’s role was to excite the public into wanting more from our system. “Change we can believe in” became the mantra. There was something close to mania the night of the election with people around the country in tears with the hope that things would be different.

My vision, however, showed that Obama would likely fail to create change as he would be beholden to the ruling elite. He risked life and family if he acted outside the box, in spite of any good intentions to do so. The end point of the vision showed Obama falling short, whipping us into a further reactive state of demand for change. He WOULD be the change agent, only not in the way we had expected.

Eight years have passed. We were disappointed, creating pressure for even bolder change. We got it.

The morning after the past presidential election I sat down to meditate upon the situation when, within seconds, the words The Destroyer, in an elegant font, filled my vision. Surprised at the starkness of the message, I jolted myself out of the brief meditative state and contemplated the message.

We do not yet learn from slow, calm and progressive change via clear thinking and right action. We are still reactionaries. We have just proven this. Now we have been given a golden opportunity. We have elected a uniquely unqualified individual to run of the world’s most powerful governments. This is when WE become grown-ups and begin engaging once again. We demand. We incite. We reconcile. We connect. There are billions of us and a handful of those who claim the world’s power positions. They do this because they are uniquely trained to do so.

Few of us have the ability to amass such power from the public. These ruling individuals have drive and WILL, and will go to any lengths to accomplish their goals. The rest of us are living our lives between our private passions/pleasures and obligation, hoping to create a good life somewhere along the way. We generally lack WILL in its truest sense. WILL has, in fact, become the antithesis of New Age thinking in which we chill, ask for guidance, and allow. The thing is, those practices DO have value, but not when divorced from higher WILL. We have the capacity to marry higher WILL and powerful practices, with profound results, but have had this know-how drummed out of us. I will write about this in my next blog.

For now, we simply need to know that we have an opportunity to stand up for ourselves in a way we haven’t since the 1960s. If “character is destiny”, then I believe we will witness the roll out of one crippling agenda after another, though I would not be surprised if there is a honeymoon period for a few months or even a year. But, it ends there.

How can a man who is easily bored and inattentive, grabs female body parts without apology, openly admits to lying to his own supporters to hustle their vote, and runs his own companies into bankruptcy,  honestly warrant any other direction? In addition, the people he has gathered to run this country are no more qualified than he, other than fulfilling the billionaire status requirement of Trump. These are simply not people for the people, just as with their predecessors.

So, I say let The Destroyer do his best. The outcome is solely on our shoulders. We DO need “change we can believe in.” The change is us. We need to believe in ourselves – and our own right action.


  1. I like to think that everything’s as its meant to be in this point of our evolution. This nation will see some dark times before it can rise to a higher level of consciousness. Like a collective dark night of the soul taking place. No doubt the masses have become quite agitated, gets them thinking about many things.

  2. Well said, Regina. Let’s continue supporting each other during these times of uncertainty. We will need all the ‘family’ we can gather to get us through this unprecedented turmoil. Your contribution is much needed and appreciated.

  3. I have been listening to you for years w/ much appreciation. I would like to offer some light on the Trump situation, as you have shared light w/ me for many years. Catherine Austin Fitts, Jon Rappoporte, and Joseph Farrell, may help expand your view. Two former guest of yours.

    If this article intrigues you, I think you will be fascinated by their assessment of the election and cabinet placements.
    Destruction, yes!

    This is a subscription site.
    If you want a serious discussion about Mr. Trump beyond the shriek-o-meter I recommend:
    Rappoport, Farrell & Fitts on the Presidential Election

    Rappoport, Farrell & Fitts on the Presidential Election

    Respectfully submitted

  4. Regina, I had a similar ‘knowing’. What was told to me is: Trump is necessary otherwise we would just go back to sleep. We need the jolt, the Mac truck to hit us in the head to wake us up!

    I also think the media (an aspect of the controllers) intends to use Trump as a vehicle to continue the chaos and distractions inciting more fear, anger, etc.

    Out of this chaos comes order…

    As you say, we need to increase our WILL, our Will Power to create the order and vision we want.

    Now is our chance.