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Posted on Dec 12, 2015 in Blog, Featured |

Regina’s Blog: The True Meaning of Free Will

Regina’s Blog: The True Meaning of Free Will

When most of us think of the term free will, we focus on the word “Free.” When we focus on the word Will, we think of hard edges – Willpower, Force, which turns many away from the concept of Will.

But, the reality is that nothing on this planet happens properly without Will. Look around and you will see a default world in which few people use their Will. We are consumers and worker bees who are herded around by programs created for us – not BY us. Why? Because we are not taught to use our Fee Will.

The people who are making things happen to their advantage are those who know how to use Will. If this skill is not combined with spiritual development, you will see some of the darker agendas being played out. Conversely, when a person knows to use Will with consciousness, amazingly beautiful outcomes occur. We can all see examples of both, so no need to provide them.

For those in the middle – the majority of people – who wait to see what God/Creator/Source/Life has in store for them, change is slow, sometimes non-existent. Life becomes dull, unfulfilling. This is because there is no significant Will to support an Intention that can then be supported by our Higher Self and the unseen realms. But, make no mistake, it starts with us, our Desire, set as Intention and fueled by Will/Commitment/Action.

I have interviewed many people who fit in the standard model of living life by wrote, who felt half alive. Then something happened to shake them out of their malaise or negative patterns, putting them on a new path committed to something or another. It’s not always desirable, however, to have a near death experience, near fatal car accident or some other kind of brush with death to be reminded of the precious opportunity that life on earth presents – the gift of being able to create our own life experience.

While our guiding forces are always there, attempting to nudge or support us in our higher and creative endeavors, we generally aren’t listening. When we are, we call it an epiphany. You know you’re listening when you have more than your share of epiphanies!

To deepen the conversation, in ancient philosophies there are two paths to implementing Will – the Will of the Lower Mind or the Will of the Higher Mind. The Higher Mind is that all-knowing aspect of Self that is attempting to guide us to our higher good and goal at all times. It initiates an attraction or impulse to move in a certain direction. Listening to its call may be frightening because it often means change. The Lower Mind, meanwhile, will take us toward the simple, more five sensory goals. It is only when one’s Will is united by Higher Mind that we feel a sense of integration, peace, completion. We are no longer struggling within ourselves. Life takes on the rich and gracious feeling of true accomplishment.

Toward that end, I’m wishing all of us the Will to step on our own true path with Freedom to express our unique gifts and talents! This is the true meaning of Free Will.