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Posted on Feb 22, 2016 in Blog, Videos |

The Russian Woodpecker

The Russian Woodpecker

I watched another brave film last night – The Russian Woodpecker.

The Russian Woodpecker documentary posits that Chernobyl was a planned event designed to cover up the defects of The Woodpecker, a Soviet antennae array along the line of HAARP.  The Woodpecker was positioned near the Chernobyl power plant (cost twice as much as the power plant to construct) but was said to be defective in its end use.  To cover up the defect, which meant prison time or worse for the guilty parties, the documentary suggests that high ups in the Soviet Government and KGB gave the order to turn on a defective block of the Chernobyl plant.  The flaws in the Woodpecker, which was due for inspection, would be blamed on the inevitable nuclear damage from nearby Chernobyl.  This theory was presented by Ukrainian artist Fedor Alexandrovich, who filmed officials involved.

As background, the Russians and Americans  began cooperating on weather modification technology in 1971 and on HAARP/Russian Woodpecker technology in 1976 under the guidance of both Soviet and American scientists such as Bernard Eastlund.  Woodpecker was shut down in 1989, but, at the end of the film it stated that the Woodpecker signal is being detected again as of recently.  Watch the video below to hear the sound.  It operates at 10 Hz, which puts people into a hypnotic state as it is in the mid-alpha range.  Maybe close your eyes and listen and see what happens to your state of mind as you listen.

The Russian Woodpecker can be seen on Amazon, Vimeo and iTunes streaming.