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Posted on Sep 4, 2016 in Blog |

The Gentleman Contactee

The Gentleman Contactee

Its a beautiful Sunday morning, sitting on my porch, fountain trickling in the background, warm cup of tea. I’m contemplating what I have just read in my research for an upcoming interview with Glenn Steckling on the life of a man named George Adamski.

Today, the UFO community is filled with fakers and charlatans of all kinds. But, in the 1950s and 60s, there were a few gentlemen contactees who brought forth paradigm changing information from their exchange with space visitors. George Adamski was one of these men.

Elegant, patient, seeking verification from the world of science, Adamski never attempted to sensationalize or profit from the information gifted him. Rather, he asked the world of science to challenge, even disprove, information given by space people. His offers were never taken up. Yet, smear campaigns mushroomed to denigrate his character as this refined level of scientific and environmental understanding, technology and cosmology were threatening to the establishment. He gave direct knowledge of anti gravity technology, how life exists on what we deem to be uninhabitable planets, cosmic math models in which 0 does not exist and more.

Among the intriguing topics he spoke of in his book Inside the Space Ships (1955), was that the human form is the most common throughout the cosmos and found on billions of inhabited planets. This led to the revelation that these visitors have always been among us, and go undetected. They are generally more friendly, slow to anger, non judgmental and highly intuitive. They work in all industries to bring elevated problem solving. They have always been among us, and, in fact, some of us are them.

The point of this blog is to state, that I am lining up ever more strongly with the classic UFO researchers who focus on those who came as gentle persons to share knowledge for the next step of our evolution as a species. Non-interfering, quiet, intelligent and patient, the very traits we need to develop in ourselves to take the leap forward. The primary line in the sand is that we cannot grow while allowing ourselves to kill one another for any reason. This rationalization is what holds us into patterns that do not allow us to engage in a larger cosmic conversation.

Meanwhile, you might want to research this for yourself by reading Inside the Space Ships.